we are now doing HubDialer phone banking 5 days a week” – Somerville for Markey

Using a website called HubDialer.com I literally called hundred of people tonight…It's a really nifty program that sifts through a bunch (I'm not sure how many) of phone numbers at once and sorts out all the lines that are busy or aren't being answered, and then people like me are suddenly connected with a voter on the other end of the line. And that's when the magic happens.” – Mackenzie Scholte, Life in Politics

PCCC Staffers Think They've Discovered the Future of Phone-Banking
By Miranda Neubauer | Friday, October 26 2012 I don't think anybody else out there has a national distributed dialer efficient enough to still coordinate with the campaigns without going over their contribution limits under the law” – Michael Snook
   Progressive Change Campaign Committee

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